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There is more to a full and active life than just health, fitness and exercise. Articles in this section cover a wide gamut of interesting topics that is sure to interest and benefit you.

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Remain positive: Win the recovery battle with the

Physiotherapists are emphasising the mental and psychological aspects of their patients' approach to rehabilitation in making a full recovery. Read more →

The real story about sweat and perspiration

Sweat and perspiration remain hot scientific and social research topics, but there are a number of facts that assist our understanding of this most human phenomenon. Read more →

Bad health is not an accident

Being healthy should be priority number one in life, yet most of us seem disappointed with the state of our health. Here are seven major causes of poor health. Read more →

Breathe right

Breathing right can strengthen the heart and lungs, provide energy, speed up recovery from illness and calm the nerves, among other things. Read more →

Treadmill motivation

With a little imagination you can create a more positive atmosphere and get yourself back on the treadmill. Read more →

Too much fun to be exercise

Exercise is any activity that helps you burn calories, tone your body, help you look and feel better and best of all, give you some fun. Read more →

Weight loss - avoid the fads

A fad is an idea, practice or habit that crops up suddenly and is gone in a short space of time. This is not only unrealistic, but unhealthy. Read more →

Types of rehabilitation

When someone sustains injury requiring rehabilitation, he or she may receive services from different members of the rehabilitation team, depending on the type of injury. Read more →

Selecting a fitness centre/gym

If you are truly looking to make an investment that will pay off in better health, then you need to be very selective before shelling out your hard-earned cash. Read more →

Teenagers and healthy eating

To encourage your child to form a habit of healthy eating, a parent should not get the child started in unhealthy eating in the first place. Read more →

Get your kid off the couch

How can a parent get his/her child actively engaged in outdoor activities in order to lead a healthy lifestyle? Read more →

Selecting a personal trainer

A personal trainer can hurt or help you reach your fitness goals, therefore the following should be considered before making your decision. Read more →

Naturally boost your metabolism

A sluggish metabolism does not allow the body to get rid of excess calories. The result is overweight and its attendant problems. Read more →

Introducing your child to sport

Getting your child involved in sport at an early age is a good way to help him/her maintain a fit body as well as a fit mind. Read more →

Introduction to Yoga

Yoga incorporates the art of meditation and deep breathing, which produces a feeling of calmness and peace of mind. Read more →

Jogging strollers

Jogging strollers have become very popular in recent times and are available in different styles, sizes and prices. Read more →

Diet-friendly barbecues

Here are ways to enjoy your summer backyard barbecues without worrying about getting a heart attack. Read more →

Selecting a treadmill

Of all the sports equipment, the treadmill is the most popular since it allows the owner to engage in the most basic of cardio workouts - walking and jogging. Read more →

Personal trainer or not?

Though a personal trainer can't replace a physiotherapist it is the next best thing while you are training. Read more →

Exercise to reduce cigarette craving

With the current emphasis on improved health and wellness, many smokers are turning to nicotine patches and other pharmaceutical products in attempting to kick the habit. Read more →

Selecting ski boots

Selecting the right boots can affect not just your comfort but your safety and performance. Read more →

Your child's feet and legs

Taking care of any problem in the early stages can prevent abnormalities when your child gets older. Read more →

Your infant's feet and legs

Those feet that seem so cute can be a source of concern to many parents, not because they are fat and pudgy, but because they may appear misshapen. Read more →

Managing headaches

Headaches are so common in our society that we often make light of them, but for the person who suffers from them frequently, this condition can be a real pain. Read more →

Scar tissue and muscle adhesions

Swimming, bowling and computer use are some activities that eventually lead to muscle adhesions as a result of overuse. Read more →

Selecting the correct footwear for the job

Many foot problems such as corn, bunions, calluses, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and other conditions can be traced to wearing the wrong type of footwear. Read more →

Physiotherapy and mental health

Many people have found relief from depression by following a fitness program designed by their physiotherapist. Read more →

Watch your posture: Computer use

In our high tech society, many people spend hours sitting before the computer, and suffer from back and neck pain as a result. Read more →

Neck pain headaches

Headaches sometimes involve or stem from pain in the neck. Read more →

Selecting a physiotherapist

You now decide to take the plunge and see a physiotherapist, but where do you start? How do you choose a therapist that will put you back on the road to optimum health? Read more →


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