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Physiotherapy is a medical profession that is indicated in most conditions where functional movement is compromised. Physiotherapists form part of the rehabilitation team in treating patients with orthopaedic, neurological, cardiac disabilities and sports injuries. Physicians not only approve but rely on physiotherapists to help patients regain their former level of movement function. Therefore, most clients who present themselves to a physiotherapy clinic do so as a result of a recommendation from their primary doctor.

When someone is injured on the playing field or as a result of an accident or other trauma, healing will not take place with just medical intervention alone. Physiotherapy is needed to restore muscle, joint, tendon and ligament function. In many instances, this is improved or enhanced after physiotherapy. If you are referred by your doctor, he/she writes an order authorising the form of treatment he desires, frequency, length and precautions necessary. The physiotherapist then uses his/her clinical judgment in formulating the techniques and procedures he/she will employ. Or in some cases, the doctor may specify the method, i.e. ultrasound, electrical stimulation, therapeutic massage and the like.

Throughout the program, the physiotherapist documents treatments, frequency, methods and outcomes which are submitted to your doctor on a regular basis until your treatment ends.


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